The Types of Hearing Loss

There are many people who suffer the loss of hearing. This was a big problem in the early days but with technological advancements, hearing loss is not a big deal any more. Since there are different types of hearing problems, the solutions vary too. But before you look out for an option that is suitable for your hearing problem, you should first understand which type of loss you are suffering.Different types of damage to the auditory system can cause various hearing problems. However, if only a particular auditory system’s part is damaged, you will be in a better position to choose the right digital hearing aid for yourself. The following are the three key categories of hearing damage:

When the internal nerves that connect the brain to the ear or when the cochlea is damaged, it results in sensorineural loss. This loss is permanent. Only in rare cases, this damage can be treated with surgical or medical solutions. The clear symptom of this problem is when a person is unable to respond to fair sounds.In fact, a person suffering from sensorineural loss may even face difficulty in aural plus erfahrungen that are loud and clear. A person can face sensorineural hear damage due to illness, genetic predisposition, inner ear’s malformation, head trauma, drugs or medicines that are unhealthy for auditory system and even aging.

Conductive Loss.When the sound is unable to pass efficiently from the outer canal of the ear to the inner ossicles of the ear and the eardrum, it results in conductive loss. The symptom of such a loss is when a person is unable to hear the proper volume of the sound. The capability to hear the faintest sound clearly is challenged by such damage.Conductive loss can be a result of several ear infections, malfunction of the Eustachian tube, allergies, and fluids in the year especially due to cold, insertion of foreign objects in ear, perforation of the eardrum etc. This hearing problem can be treated with both surgical and medical solutions.

Mixed Loss.When the symptoms of both other damages combine, it causes mixed loss. This means, that a person is not only suffering damage of the auditory nerve and cochlea, but also in the outer and middle ear parts. At this stage, a person is suffering from intense hearing damage that cannot be treated completely.Regardless of how many solutions medical and surgical are available, in some conditions only a digital can help you save your world from crashing down. Find out your hearing damage problem and discuss it with your audiologist to make a better decision.