Home style Cajun chicken recipe in detail

Eating authentic cuisine from a certain place is definitely a looked for after experience, much the same as when eating Cajun chicken. However, one does not have to exert too much effort and travel all their way into the nation just to be able to taste the delectable dish. Cajun chicken tastes like most Southern dishes do. They are all made up of grains, usually rice, with a mixture of meat or seafood and vegetables and then added with spices, the most particular flavor in any Southern meal.

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On the off chance that you want to your taste buds to be able to enjoy such a meal then you do not have to stress over traveling far down south, you can actually make Cajun chicken comfortable solaces of your very claim kitchen. It may not be near perfection as the original, but rather with your constant practice in making the dish, it ought to be next to the best. In order to make a delicious Cajun chicken, you will need your chicken, of course. For instant pot chicken recipes, you can use halved boneless chicken breasts that are pounded until the point that its thickness is about a half inch. You will also need some vegetable oil, lemon pepper, as well as some seasoning, preferably the Cajun seasoning and some dried Italian-style seasoning, too.

Since you have everything prepared, you are all ready to start making your Cajun chicken. To begin with, you have to blend all of your seasonings, oil and lemon pepper in a bowl. You ought to also be adding in some garlic pepper according to your taste. This will serve as the marinade for your chicken. To make sure that your chicken tastes great to the bone, you ought coat the chicken with the mixture as well as have to soak it in there and refrigerate it for at least half 60 minutes. Once that is all taken care of, prepare the in which you are to cook your Cajun chicken and preheat it. Oil the flame broil grates so your chicken would not stick to it. Then, drain the chicken – you would not need the marinade anymore – and place it on the flame broil. Your chicken ought to be cooked for around 6 to 8 minutes on each side. When you prepare your Cajun chicken for serving, you can style it up so it looks more presentable. Aside from serving over dinner and other formal gatherings, you can also slice up your Cajun chicken and make a sandwich out of it for your children to eat at school.